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Ek-Intra Honda Automobile

Location : Ramintra, Bangkok

Area : 400 Sqm.

Year : 2017

Ek-intra Honda Renovation

Ponna Studio was awarded a second contract to redesign Ek-intra showroom on Pradit Manutham Road in Bangkok. The firm completed the renovation of Nakarin Honda for the same owner in early 2016.

The goal of the project was to renovate the customer lounge and the front-end office while using the same zen concept as the first project.

The floor layout is designed to maximize space usage, and as an upgrade from the Nakarin branch, Ponna Studio decided to use stainless laminate instead of wood panels to create a more luxurious, richness and light ambient.

The idea of using a wooden box to combine various functions together is carried forward to Ekintra showroom, but the new design places a greater emphasis on creating a more open structure with windows to interlink different areas, to promote a sense of togetherness whilst still maintaining the characteristics and individuality of each function. These functions are laid at the corner of the opened box, starting from Lounge, snack area, waiting area, office and the children playing area.

The customer service area adopts a similar design as the Nakarin project, but with a tighter layout to increase the number of counters available to serve the customers.

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