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Vincent Clinic Headquarter Asoke



VINCENT CLINIC is a one-stop-service cosmetic surgical clinic and has opened 10 branches in total nationwide. The business is run by Dr.Pongtheera Setthanawarakul and Dr.Pranpariya Uengtrakul. In order to synergize both clinicians and medical technologies to offer customers the best operational effectiveness, they rent a whole floor inside Exchange Tower Building, where the area is 10 times larger than the ex-branch in Time Square Building that is too small to provide service to all custom- ers, to establish the new headquarter with 24/7 service and hire Ponna Studio to complete interior design work.


The new clinic occupies the area of 2,000 sqm on the 3rd floor of Exchange Tower Building, located at Asoke Intersection, one of the busiest Bangkok’s CBD and can be easily accessed from both skytrain and underground. Besides, the area is big enough to provide recovery rooms for patients who need to stay overnight and to upgrade from clinic to small hospital, regulated by The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand.



“Vincent” the clinic is named after “Vincent van Gogh”, a Dutch Post-Impressionist artist and one of the owners’ favourite. They think that their cosmetic surgical works are somehow related to art and beauty creation that helps to edify people as the works of the artist.

To correspond with the clinic’s name origin, we tried to find inspiration from Van Gogh’s paintings. We collected some of his works, selected elements in those paintings, and brought them into interior spaces. Curvy and moving lines in the famous “Starry Night” and “Wheat Field with Cypresses” were interpreted as curved forms and undulated walls that run through the project. By the same inspiration, we designed bespoke eye-catching pendant lights and seating at the lobbies. The classic arches that appeared in “Vestibule of the Asylum” and “Corridor of the Asylum” were also used for arches and wall decorations but in more modern and minimal form. Various walls along the corridors were left as white gallery walls, ready for hanging some artworks.



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